He has written a book relating to forensic engineering, articles in magazines and numerous papers for international symposia for engineering and archaeology. These papers were published in the proceedings of the symposia or in books relating to engineering history. The following is a summary of the works:



Guidelines for Failure Investigation: A Narrative of Methods and Techniques for the Investigation of Failures

Published by: American Society for Consulting Engineers Press, 1989

ISBN: 9780872627369

Sales: 22,000 First Printing

Milestones in Engineering History: Maya, America’s First Water Resource Engineers

Published by: American Society for Consulting Engineers Press,

ISBN: 13-878-0-7844-0928-2



“The Riddle of the Rocks”

Published in National Geographic Magazine, October, 1995

“A Bridge Too Far”

Author: James O’Kon, P.E.

Civil Engineering Magazine

Published by American Society of Civil Engineers, April, 1995


“A Turn Around for Hangar Design”

Author: James A. O’Kon, P.E.

Published in Civil Engineering Magazine, May, 1997



The following papers were delivered at international symposia and published in their books, journals or proceedings:


"International Forensic Engineering for Maya Technology"

            Structural Engineering Institute (SEI), Long Beach, CA, 2007

"Computer Applications in Archaeology"

            CAA Conference, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2007

“Forensic Engineering Discoveries in Maya Technology”

            Structural Engineering Institute Conference, May 2007, Los Angeles, CA

"Water Management and Flood Control Technology by Maya Engineers"

            Environmental and Water Resources Institute (ASCE), Tampa, FL, 2007

"Seventh Century Maya Engineers Construct Suspension Bridge"

            UNESCO History of Technology Conference, Gdansk, Poland, May 2005

"Computer Modeling of a Seventh Century Maya Suspension Bridge”

            ASCE International Computer Conference, Cancun. Mexico, July 2005

“America’s First Civil Engineers”

            Canadian Society for Civil Engineers, Toronto, Canada, 2004

"The Maya Suspension Bridge at Yaxchilan"

            International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, Rome, Italy, 2003

"IT Analysis of Large Scale Structures”

            Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures, Malaga, Spain, 2001

"Three Dimensional Computer Seismic Analysis and Remedial Measures of

            Large Existing Structures," ISEC-01, University of Cape Town, 2001

"IT Advances in Architectural/Engineering Design"

            Structural Engineering Symposium, San Sebastian, Spain, 1998

"Quality Control Methods for Avoiding Errors Caused by Misuse of Computers”

            Journal of International Law and Insurance-1997

"Methods to Avoid Errors Due to Computer Dependency"

            International Conference on Structural Design, Oslo, Norway, 1994